/flæg / (say flag)

1. a piece of cloth, commonly bunting, of varying size, shape, colour, and device, usually attached by one edge to a staff or cord, and used as an ensign, standard, symbol, signal, decoration, display, etc.
2. a pennant awarded to a winning team.
3. one of a pair of flags on a beach marking an area considered safe for swimming and patrolled by surf lifesavers: to swim between the flags.
4. any signal or indicator.
5. Nautical a ship carrying an admiral's flag; a flagship.
6. Ornithology the tuft of long feathers on the leg of falcons and most other hawks; the lengthened feathers on the crus or tibia.
7. Hunting the tail of a deer or of a setter dog.
8. Journalismmasthead (def. 2).
9. Printing a mark made by a proof corrector indicating an omission.
10. Computers a marker assigned to an item of stored data.
11. a slip of paper used as a bookmark.
12. an attachment to the meter of a taxi showing whether the taxi is engaged or not.
13. Also, Australian flag. Colloquial part of a shirt, which has come untucked and hangs out over the trousers.
verb (t) (flagged, flagging)
14. to place a flag or flags over or on; decorate with flags.
15. to communicate (information) by, or as by, a flag: to flag one's intentions.
16. Computers to mark with a flag: all additions to the file will be flagged.
17. to decoy, as game, by waving a flag or the like to excite attention or curiosity.
18. to identify in some way as marked for future reference: she flagged her interest in the proposal very early in the meeting.
19. flag down, to signal (a driver of a motor vehicle) to stop.
20. flag of convenience, the flag of a country in which a ship has been registered only to gain some financial or legal advantage.
21. flag of distress, a flag displayed as a signal of distress, generally at half-mast or upside down.
22. flag of truce, a white flag displayed as an invitation to the enemy to confer, or carried as a sign of peaceful intention by one sent to deal with the enemy.
23. have the flags out, Colloquial
a. to celebrate or welcome.
b. to be menstruating.
24. keep the flag flying, to appear courageous and cheerful in the face of difficulty.
25. raise the flags,
a. Rugby Football, Australian Rules to score a goal.
b. to accomplish something.
26. show the flag,
a. to assert one's claim or interest, especially by the physical presence of troops, etc.
b. Colloquial to put in an appearance.
27. strike (or lower) the flag,
a. to relinquish command, as of a ship.
b. to submit or surrender.
{apparently blend of flap (noun), and obsolete fag (noun) flap, flag; corresponding words in German, Dutch, etc., from English}
flagless, adjective
/flæg / (say flag)

1. any of various plants with long, sword-shaped leaves, as the flag lily, Iris germanica, or the cumbungi.
2. the long, slender leaf of such a plant or of a cereal.
{Middle English flagge; origin uncertain. Compare Danish flag,  Dutch vlag}
/flæg / (say flag)

verb (i) (flagged, flagging)
1. to hang loosely or limply; droop.
2. to fall off in vigour, energy, activity, interest, etc.: *When conversation flagged, he mooched round the room –helen garner, 1977.
{apparently blend of flap (verb), and fag1 (verb), in obsolete sense of droop. See flag1 (noun)
/flæg / (say flag)

1. a flat slab of stone used for paving, etc.
2. (plural) a walk paved with such slabs.
verb (t) (flagged, flagging)
3. to pave with flags.
{late Middle English flagge turf (later also slab of stone), confluence of Old Norse flag and flaga}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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